Setting-up your subscription business with SupplyKit

Sign-up, create your subscription plans and start selling.


Create an account

We just need a few basic details about your business to create your account. We do not ask for credit or debit card details, in fact, there's no fee until you have set-up your store and are ready to launch.

Create an account
Ensure payments get to you

Enable payments

We take security seriously and use Stripe to process all payments. Create an account with Stripe so that we can deposit funds to your bank account.


Create your plans

Add as many plans as you like.

For each plan specify whether it will be delivered daily, weekly or monthly. Give it a name and state the price that customers will be charged at each renewal, the price should be inclusive of any VAT and delivery fees. You can optionally include an image and a short description.

Create your plans
Design your store

Design your store

SupplyKit provides you with a brandable web page where your customers can sign-up and manage their subscriptions. Define your colour palette, upload a logo and images and refine the text. Use our 'Preferences' panel to ask your customers about their likes and dislikes at sign-up and choose whether you would like to deliver anywhere in the UK, or restrict to specific postcodes.

Activate your store

Once you are ready to launch and start accepting orders you will need to add your credit or debit card details. At this point you will be charged a monthly fee for using SupplyKit.