Why bookstores should offer subscription boxes

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There’s no doubt the dominance of giant online retailers turned the book industry on its head. Suddenly, independent booksellers were losing business and, in some cases, closing. Many people felt the indie booksellers' days were numbered. However, there is one area where the indies have managed to hold their own and even increase sales: subscriptions. It's easy to understand why readers love subscriptions. They get books delivered to their door without needing to go anywhere or do anything else. The problem is that few indie bookstores offer subscriptions – but I think they should.

Why readers love subscriptions

Book subscriptions are a relatively new trend in the literary world, but they are picking up steam.  The concept is simple: customers pay a small monthly fee to receive a curated selection of books based on their preferences. The books can be fiction or non-fiction, the genre can be anything you like, ask your customers to specify their preferences.

Build an engaged subscriber base by focusing on reader retention. The best way to do this is to provide book subscribers with unique and engaging content, help them find new books, read more, and get into reading. The best book subscription services will provide readers with a timely delivery of the books they love to read in genres that interest them.

The benefits of subscription services for independent booksellers

Subscription services are a great way for independent booksellers to attract new customers and generate regular and predictable income. If you’re a bookseller and you don’t already have one, you should definitely consider starting one. Subscriptions allow you to reach a much larger audience. They’re a great way to generate additional revenue and to build your business. You don't have to abandon all other business models and sacrifice the high level of customer service that you provide through your main shop. In fact, you can expand on this with your subscription business.

How to develop your own subscription service

A platform like SupplyKit provides all the tools you need to create subscription plans and take orders online. It handles recurring payments and leaves you to do the fun part, which is selecting and delivering books to your customers.