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SupplyKit provides booksellers with the tools needed to sell subscriptions.

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Start selling book subscriptions in 30 minutes.


A predictable income

Subscriptions offer a predictable income stream that can support your bookstore and help you build relationships with your customers.


Your own plans

Create your own plans, offer themes and choose whether to send all subscribers the same title or handpick books based on their preferences.


Deliver your way

Deliver to local customers by hand or bike. Reach those further away by including postage. Whatever works best for you and your customers.

Secure, reliable and easy to set-up


Sign-up today

We just need a few basic details about your business to create your account.

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Enable payments

Enable payments

We take security seriously and use Stripe to process all payments.


Create your plans

Add as many plans as you like. Specify whether they will be delivered daily, weekly or monthly.

Create your plans
Design your store

Design your store

We provide a brandable web page where your customers can sign-up and manage their subscriptions. Define your colour palette, upload a logo and images and refine the text. See some examples.

“Subscription Box Market is forecast to reach £1 billion in value by 2022”

Retail Gazette 2021

£ 15 /mo

3.5% per transaction, plus Stripe fee

Up and running in 30 minutes

Stronger customer relationship

No credit card details until you launch

Payments handled by Stripe

Start today, no credit card required

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What kind of subscription plans can I offer?

Anything you like! Start a bookclub where all subscribers receive the same title and are invited to discuss it. Or offer multiple plans based on theme or age group, then handpick titles based on readers interests.


How do my customers sign-up?

Once you've set-up your account we'll provide you with a web page, direct your customers there and they can sign-up in a few easy steps.


How do I know when to fulfil orders?

When customers sign-up you tell them when to expect their order. We notify you when an order is renewed and once you've fulfilled the order you simply mark it as complete.


Are payments safe, can my customers trust SupplyKit?

Absolutely. We take security seriously and use Stripe to process all payments. Stripe has been audited by a PCI-certified auditor and is certified to PCI Service Provider Level 1.